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Your Community Veterinary Hospital in Upper Arlington, OH

North Kenny Veterinary Hospital has been serving Upper Arlington, OH pet families with exceptional veterinary medicine since the 1950s. We put a strong emphasis on preventive medicine as well as low-stress handling to help pets have a more pleasant veterinary experience. We use Fear Free techniques for every cat and dog to help reduce their anxiety and calm their nerves.

Your pet’s behavior and mental health are just as important to us as their physical well-being. With our low-stress handling and Fear Free techniques, we aim to take care of your whole pet—mind and body. Not only do we use these tools to make your pet’s veterinary visit more enjoyable, but we also offer education and advice to you for using Fear Free techniques at home!

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We love our patients; big and small, canine and feline. Our veterinarians and staff find it all too easy to get attached to the amazing animals that come to us for treatment, and we wouldn't have it any other way!