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Cat & Dog Food, Nutrition, and Weight Management in Upper Arlington, OH

Have you ever stood in the cat and dog food aisle, and felt a little overwhelmed? With so many options out there, it can be hard to know which diet is the right one for your cat or dog. At North Kenny Veterinary Hospital in Upper Arlington, OH, our expert veterinarians and staff can work with you to choose the best diet for your pet. We provide both nutritional counseling and weight management services.

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Choosing the Best Cat or Dog Food for Your Pet

When choosing the right diet for your pet, it’s important to first consider if they have any restrictions to what they can eat. If they have no restrictions, you have many more options! To help decide on the right diet, follow these recommendations:

Choose an age-appropriate diet.

The nutritional needs of puppies and kittens are different than adult dogs and cats! Your puppy or kitten often needs a higher protein diet in order to fuel their growth, but as they get older, they’ll need a more balanced diet. Additionally, senior pets may also need a different diet to accommodate any health needs or changes in lifestyle.

Consider your pet’s breed.

The needs of different dog and cat breeds can vary. For instance, large breed dogs have different nutritional and caloric needs than small breeds based on their growth rate. You can learn more about the required nutrients from the Merck Veterinary Manual or talk to us!

Make sure the diet is approved by the AAFCO.

The AAFCO is the Association of American Feed Control Officials. You should find a statement on the package reading that the product is “formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.”

Pay attention to the product name.

If it includes a protein like “beef,” that means beef makes up at least 70% of the diet. If it reads “beef entrée,” “beef platter,” or something similar, it means only 10% of the diet includes beef. “Beef flavor” means only 3% of the diet is beef.

Read the ingredient list.

Despite some belief to the contrary, grains in dog and cat food are actually important for their well-being as they contain vital nutrients and aid in digestion. Additionally, “whole” meats listed on the label often contain water, and so are less concentrated than “meat meal,” which does not.

Weight Management Solutions for Pet Obesity

Even if you’ve chosen the best diet for your pet, without proper exercise, they can still gain weight. Obesity takes a huge toll on your pet’s quality of life, as well as their overall health. It affects their bones and joints and their internal organs, too. Obese dogs and cats often have a shorter lifespan due to the complications obesity can cause. At every wellness exam at North Kenny Veterinary Hospital, we perform a weight check and a body condition score to ensure your pet is at a healthy weight.

If we find your pet is overweight, we’ll work with you to develop a weight loss program, which may include:

  • An exercise regimen
  • Portioned meals
  • Fewer treats
  • A change in diet
  • Use of puzzle feeders, etc.

If you feel your pet is overweight, schedule a visit with us today by calling (614) 451-1204 for a healthy weight loss plan!

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